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Our Services

The one stop shop for all of your Auto Body needs...

~Insurance claim repairs for all insurance companies
~All levels of collision repair
~Paintless dent removal
~All types of frame repair
~Complete repainting (including motorcycles)

Quality Trained

~I-CAR Platinum trained staff
~Specialty Training from most vehicle manufacturers
~State of the art down-draft paint booths by Global
~The latest in computerized laser frame measurement systems by Car-O-Liner
~High-end welding equipment by Pro Spot & Miller

Repair Process

The Repair Process in 10 Steps:

1. The Estimate ~ One of our skilled estimators inspects your vehicle. All visible damage is recorded and entered in our computerized estimating system. **NOTE: Hidden damage may not be found until disassembly.

2. Insurance Approval ~ The responsible insurance company is presented the estimate for review. If the vehicle is determined repairable, our estimator finalizes all details of the initial repair and places the order for parts.

3. Meticulous Disassembly of Your Vehicle ~ One of our highly trained technicians meticulously disassembles your vehicle and determines if there is damage to the inner structure. If necessary, additional parts are ordered. Your insurance company may wish to reinspect the vehicle at this point.

4. Receipt of Parts ~ Once the entire parts order has arrived, the parts are verified for correctness. The parts are then delivered to the body technician, and the physical repairs to your vehicle begin.

5. Structural Repair ~ If required, structural repairs are performed first. Using our state of the art computerized laser frame measuring system, the unitized body (or frame) is returned back to factory specifications.

6. Body Repair ~ At this point in the process, your vehicle will begin to “come back to life” as the new sheet metal is installed and properly aligned.

7. Paint ~ All necessary panels are carefully prepared for painting. Then, one of our highly skilled painters will apply the paint color and clear coats, restoring your car’s finish back to factory standards.

8. Reassembly ~ All of the parts that were removed from your car, or in need of replacement are reassembled. A thorough check of all the vehicles’ systems is performed at this stage of the repairs.

9. Detailing ~ The vehicle is completely cleaned to remove any accumulated dust (a necessary evil to the repair process). The vehicle is then road tested to verify that everything is working properly. Finally, the vehicle goes through our three step quality control process to ensure all repairs to your vehicle have been performed to our high standards.

10. Delivery ~ The delivery of your completed vehicle is the last step in the repair process. When you arrive to pick up the vehicle, the detailed bill is explained, and the final paperwork is completed. A walk around is performed to show the repaired areas, and to verify that the vehicle has been returned to its pre-accident condition.

Consumer Rights

Your Rights as a Consumer:

We at Southern Auto Body believe that our customers should be made aware of their rights with regard to having their vehicle repaired under an insurance claim. Below you will find a few highlights (in layman’s terms) from the legal code, followed by links to the Virginia Legal Code that pertains to this topic.

1. You have the right to choose your own repair shop. Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a specific repair shop. Furthermore, your insurance company cannot pressure you into using a particular repair shop, as this violates anti-steering laws.

2. There is no law requiring you to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal for vehicle repair.

3. You have the right to leave your vehicle at our facility, and ask the insurance company to inspect your vehicle there. Some insurance companies may ask you to visit their drive-in claims center before having the work done, but they cannot require that you do so.

4. You have the right to insist on Original Manufacturer’s Parts being used in the repair of your vehicle, unless specifically stated otherwise in your insurance policy.

5. You do not have to accept the insurance companies’ appraisal of damage. Check the “Appraisal Clause” in your policy on how to resolve any differences.

Links to Legal Code of Virginia:

Towing Services

Norma Jean Towing (540) 710-9270

Norma Jean Towing

Servicing the entire Fredericksburg region, and offers the following services:
~ 24 hour local and long distance damage-free towing
~ Accident Recovery/Police Requested Towing
~ Rollback Service
~ Winch out Service
~ Insurance Tows
~ Lock out Service
~ Minor roadside assistance - jump starts and tire changes


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to use the repair shop my insurance company suggests?
No. You may use the repair facility of your choice. Please review the “Consumer Rights” page on this site.

Should I drive my car after an accident?
Whether or not your car is drivable depends on the severity of the damage. If you have leaking fluids, broken lights, or body parts rubbing on your tires, your car should not be driven. Please contact our towing partner, Norma Jean Towing, at (540) 710-9270, and they will transport your vehicle to our facility.

How do I arrange for my insurance claim?
To begin the claims process, you need to contact the insurance company that is responsible for the repairs. Tell them you have chosen Southern Auto Body to perform the repairs, and that your vehicle is already there. We are a direct repair provider for most of the major insurance companies, which allows one of our friendly staff members to easily assist you with initiating the claims process.

Do I need to arrange for my own rental car?
No. We can arrange to have our corporate rental car partner, Enterprise, pick you up directly from our facility. If you have rental car coverage, Enterprise will be paid directly by your insurance company. If you are responsible for the rental expense, we can arrange for Enterprise to extend special discount pricing to you.

How quickly will you begin the repair process on my car?
In most cases, we can begin the repair process as soon as your car arrives at our facility. For an in depth look at this process, please review the “Repair Process” page on this site.

How long will the repairs on my vehicle take?
The length of time required to complete the repairs on a vehicle depends on many factors. After one of our skilled technicians has performed a meticulous disassembly of your vehicle to uncover all possible damage, we will be able to give you an educated estimation of the time required to make the corrective repairs.

How is a vehicle determined to be a “Total Loss”?
Generally, the responsible insurance company will deem a vehicle as a “Total Loss” if the cost of the repairs exceeds a substantial percentage (usually between 65-80%) of the vehicle's retail value.

What are your hours, and do I need an appointment for an estimate?
Our hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm, and Saturday from 9:00am to 12:00pm. You do not need an appointment for an estimate Monday – Friday, but we do ask that you arrive for your estimate no later than 5:00pm. Saturday estimates are by appointment only. Please call us at (540) 898-1808 to schedule a Saturday appointment.

Can I drop off my vehicle for repairs after hours?
Yes. Please let one of our friendly staff know that you will be dropping off after hours, and they will be happy to explain the simple process for doing so.

Do I have to pay my deductible?
Yes. It is mandated by your insurance policy that you pay your deductible to the body shop at the completion of your repairs. However, if you are not at fault in your loss, you will be compensated directly by your insurance company.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Southern Auto Body accepts cash, personal and business checks (with proper I.D.) up to $250.00, properly endorsed insurance checks, bank or cashier’s checks, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Can I wash and wax my car as normal after the repairs are completed?
After you pick up your completed car, you can wash it as you normally would. However, we do recommend that you not wax the newly painted areas of your car for 30 days.

Locations & Contact Info

Visit one of our two locations in Fredericksburg or Stafford.

Southern Auto Body - Fredericksburg

10881 Houser Drive - Fredericksburg, VA 22408
(540) 898-1808

Barnes Auto Body - Stafford

30 Trade Street - Fredericksburg, VA 22406
(540) 373-1944